Melissah (Mish) Shishido
for State Senate District 6

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  • Retired teacher
  • Resoration of Lo’i in Kahoma Valley
    Mish Shishido planting taro

  • Coordinator of Hokule’a’s Inaugural Mahalo Sail in Honolua (summer 2018)
    Melissah Shishido Hokule'a

  • Keiki Zone Director and Volunteer
  • Kihei Fourth Friday (4 years)
    Mish Shishido planting taro

  • Kahoolawe Island Reserve Commission, Volunteer Restoration of Island (2 years)
    Mish Shishido Kaho'olawe


Meeting with Electric employees and retirees

Hoʻoulu Fundraiser for West Maui Hawaiian Immersion Schools

Lahaina Gateway Shopping Center, 305 Keawe St. Lahaina, HI 96761

Annual Legislative Forum

Velma McWayne Santos Community Center
395 Waena Place, Wailuku
Maui Disability Alliance


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Contact Mish

Melissah Shishido Campaign
6 Waikalani Hema Place
Lahaina, HI 96761

Email Mish at


Ledward Ka'apana

Endorsed by Ledward Ka'apana
"We need you in office."
--Ledward Ka'apana

Tara Morgan

Endorsed by Tara Morgan
"Mish Shishido, is a teacher who inspires others to want to learn; she teaches by more than just a book, she teaches from her heart and it is a place where her passion for what she does excites you and gives you a desire to learn as well. She teaches by example and not just by words. "
--Tara Morgan

Nadine Saragena

Melissah Shishido is endorsed by Nadine Saragena
"Very passionate in seeing and helping others succeed. Pushes everyone to be the best they can be. Always encouraging and uplifting. ."
--Nadine Saragena

Karen Chun

Melissah Shishido is endorsed by Karen Chun
"Mish has worked hard to pass pesticide disclosure and buffer zone legislation. She walks the talk. Her community work tells me she will be an outstanding State Senator."
--Karen Chun


My love and passion for teaching is what led me to the decision to run for public office. I taught high school in the private school sector on O’ahu for 21 years before calling Maui home 6 years ago. I am currently a full-time student at UH Maui (working on my Master’s Degree in Education), volunteered since 2017 March to present in restoring Kaho’olawe, volunteer for Kihei’s Town Party, assisted with coordinating Hokule’a’s inaugural Mahalo Sail last summer in Honolua, and continue to tutor students on O’ahu and Maui.

I traveled to Oahu to urge passage of Senate Bill 3095 banning chlorpyrifos due to their harmful effects on pregnant women, children and older folks.

Ironically, Kihei has schools, daycare centers, and an adult care facility all within in close proximity to Monsantoʻs operation. When I got wind of my opponent doing her best to block the disclosure and buffer zone bill from passing, I was on the next flight out to testify. Priority should have been the lives and well-being of the people over corporate profit.

Disclosing what they are spraying, when they are spraying, and the amount being sprayed allows those of us living in the drift zone to make a informed decision to get out of harmʻs way. That really wasnʻt asking for much, yet my opponent worked furiously to weaken the bill.

My focus became notification and disclosure provisions. People have the right to know this critical information. I simply reiterated that if there is no harm in this neurotoxin, what was there to hide? My reminder was evident, this chemical was and is very harmful to our environment, our ʻaina.


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